Purple Hair Dye in the Pouring Rain



First of all, while I was thinking of “Kiss the Rain” when I was dying my hair, but looking back, I could also go with “Purple Rain”.

So, you have my rainy day old hair on the left, and the other two pictures were day after deals.  I have not disclosed the state of the bathroom….  Apparently, this process involves more forethought and planning I originally put into it.  After all, I haven’t colored my hair since…2008?

Also, I had help then.  Just a bunch of girlfriends dying their hair together on a Friday night.  It was always red for me.  I never wanted anything in life as much as I wanted red hair from middle school to some time recently.  Then, mid-legal-separation, as I was trying to figure out what to do with my life….  I started seeing fun colors.  I put it off for interview purposes and trying to look like a professional, single-mom.

Last week, I woke up, and I didn’t give a flippety flip flop what I “should” be doing.  I wanted bright hair.   I’ve always loved the color purple, though it wasn’t my first hair color choice, so I died my hair purple.

I love it.  I knew from the moment that there were lavender stains on the ceramic tub, the rest of my life is going to purple or bust.  What makes me happy, what I can live with, what I can love.  And as for purple stains that may or may not cover the bathroom….  I’ve stopped listening.  Although, I might consider reading the directions occasionally.

Not sayin’.  Just sayin’.